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Our pets are part of our families…we need to look at what we can do to give them a full, healthy life. Chemicals and toxins such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides find their way into our pet’s food. The Ninth Life organic pet vitamin supplement was developed to help combat these harmful pollutants and all the environmental factors that our pets are exposed to. Even if you take extreme measures to keep your pet healthy (raw diets, organic kibble, filtered water) they are still affected by all the outside influences. Cancer, heart disease, and immune disorders top the growing list of premature death in our pets.

As a family we grew up on a small farm and raised all types of animals.  From dogs and cats to just about every farm animal you can think of.  Our mother, being very health conscious, was always seeking healthy alternatives for our family.  Although we fought her remedies we decided to take them to the barn when we had health issues with our animals.  As crazy as it seemed it worked.  We saw our animals ailments improve or resolve.  We took it one step further and started supplementing our show and breeding stock.  We saw dramatic results—healthier pregnancies, more energy, smooth, shiny coats, overall glow, and stronger immune systems.  Cancers, tumors, and ailments brought about by weakened immune systems did not exist in our animals.

Carrying on our mother’s philosophy of health alternative remedies, we have refined our supplements to offer a line of wellness products for pets that are Veterinarian approved and clinically tested. Our products are loaded with antioxidants that can boost your pet’s immune system and help to fight free radicals that cause diseases. It will also improve their coat, joints, and slow down pre-mature aging.  All this and your pet will love the taste of our organic whole food pet supplement!

Environmental Impact on our pets

Now we are the health conscious, healthy alternative mothers with families of our own and animals galore.  Even though our lives have changed one thing remains constant and that is our love for animals and our belief in healthy alternative supplements and remedies for our animals.   The number of calls we get from people who have lost their pets prematurely to diseases and ailments is astonishing.  There seems to be such in increase in cancers, tumors, allergies, skin/coat problems, joint aliments, eye problems, and heart/organ diseases in pets.  Is it the commercial pet foods?  Is it the environment? Is it over vaccinating? They all  play a part in weakening your pet’s immune system.  In today’s world we are all exposed to these toxins and yes, they are taking a toll on our bodies and the sad part is we can’t avoid being exposed to most of them.  Can we help prevent your pets from disease and pain and suffering?  We believe we are!

Our Pets are Family

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